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Affiliate/Referral Program FAQ

What are the requirements to join?

You must be 18 years or older to participate in this Referral Program¹ and agree to the terms of this website and any other terms related to the referral program.

How much can I earn?

You will get paid commission based on the number of paying customers referred. For example, you will earn a commission of $250 U.S. dollars for referring just two paying customers for the Custom Website Design package.

What is the application process?

It usually takes about three to five business days for the application process. You will be notified through email if you have been accepted or rejected for any reason.


How soon do I get paid?

You will get paid¹ within 45 days after customer pays for the chosen website design package.

Do I need to have a website?

No. It's advisable to have a website, but you can give out your unique affiliate code for people to sign up online through our site.

How soon can I start referring?

You can start as soon as we have accepted your application. It usually takes about three to ten business days for the application process.


What services can I refer?

Currently, you can earn money for referring website design and web development customers.

How many customers can I refer?

You can refer as many customers as you wish. You earn money based on the number of customers referred by you. Each customer you refer must pay for the website design package before your commission can be paid to you.

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How can I get more information?

You can send us your questions or comments by filling out the online contact form or fill out the form above.


¹Full payment for each package must be received prior to disbursement of any commission. nahlaMedia has the right to discontinue this program at any time without prior notice. You must be a resident of the United States of America or Canada to participate in this referral program. Certain restrictions apply.